Sunday, August 24, 2008

Karma Chameleon in Garrison, NY via Metro North RR

Click this chameleon for song from Culture Club:
Today, while en route to Garrison on the 9:50 Poughkeepsie bound, we chatted about the benefits of hiking.
You see lots of green ...

and blue ...
and other hikers whom you'd met months or years before ...
but today's paydirt was the chameleon, so delicate, so fleeting, so evocative of metaphor ... the list of which we leave to you.
And oh, the exercise ...
After lunch, this leader rewards all with Hopjes, coffee candies from Holland.
Fortified, we resume the ascent.
Always tell the sweep when you stop along the way to adjust footwear.

We take in the upward and outward views as we begin the descent.
Memorize the play of light deep in the woods.

That's it; we're out.
A look back, and ...
there's West Point just across the Hudson from the Garrison Station.