Monday, May 31, 2010

Hike 8 miles in Garrison NY

We met our favorite AMC leader up at Garrison Metro North Station about 11:00 and piled into cars for a ride to the trailhead on Route 9D at Wing and Wing, the Castle Rock Unique Area. We started out on the Red Trail.

After an initial ascent on the Red Trail, we stopped to admire this view of New Jersey and The Hudson River.

This burn is evidence of a fire that was started at the end of March, 2009. As we made our way up through a meadow to this higher wooded area, we noticed deep ruts in the grass. They were made, we were told, by the firetrucks that tried to come up as close as possible. Almost three months later, we could still smell the burnt wood.

Were these canine friends out for the full 8 miles, or just a quick walk in the woods?

Fearless leader made sure all stopped for a water break.

The group turns off the Red Trail and picks up the Blue.

This part of the Blue Trail seemed like the middle of the rain forest. Not a place to be stranded...

We each had our own approach to making our way over barriers on the trail.

These flat-topped rocks make a perfect lunch stop -- except for the flies that swarmed only around the two of us! We think it may be our wool, stink-proof hiking tees.
This may look like a tulip, but fellow hikers told us that it's actually a poplar blossom.

So,... here's the tulip -- err -- poplar tree.

We were sure one of us would end up in the drink. But this brook was not to be our Waterloo.

At this point on the Curry (yellow) Trail, we asked our leader how high we were climbing. His response: high.

The yellow triangle marks the end of the Curry Trail and the white blaze is the beginning of the Appalachian Trail.

The fern is the first growth that appears after a burn. We saw quite a few of these fern fields on the way out.

This gazebo is adjacent to an abandoned farm site. Only retaining wall stones and what's left of their carriage roads remain.

One of the tramps, feeling very cocky, shows off the henna tattoo he got the previous weekend in L.A. The Good Book says, Pride goeth before a fall.

A sudden shower caused every one to rush toward the cars below this slope. Here is where one tramp met his Waterloo...

...and ended up here with a dislocated shoulder and contusions he could tell you about.

Next week, we hope to walk somewhere, anywhere, just be able to walk!